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Welcome to IBWorldWide Academy

IBWorldwide Academy is the educational wing of Mindfully Sustainable; is an online Tution academy, which offers a unique approach to teach Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Computer Science, Biology, English, Fashion & Technology to the students not only to score high marks but also to implement the learnt concept of subjects in daily life to improve their quality of living in a sustainable way.

It is a platform to learn, review and revise concepts. We teach the concepts in a most simple manner, so that students can easily understand them. We help you to revise your concepts such that you do not get stuck anywhere during your preparation for exams.

IBWORLDWIDE Academy is dedicated to providing comprehensive and engaging classes in Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Biology, English, Fashion & Technology. We understand the unique challenges that students face in these subjects, and our expert educators are committed to guiding them through their academic journey with passion and expertise. We are unique, because of its great academic, personal standards and success rates. Our IB, GCSE, A level programs enhances student's capability to excel not only in their studies but also in their personal growth. Thus, aims to uplift the students thrive for learning hallmarked by enthusiasm and empathy.

We strongly believe that students can only do excellence once they develop interest in the subject and we implement this philosophy while teaching to help our students achieving highest grades in their exams.

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Why IBWorldwide Academy ?

Our Specialities

Initial assessment of each and every student to evaluate their current level

The assessment done on the basis of IB guideline and appropriate teaching strategy is adopted accordingly.

Devise an individualised monthly and quarterly plan

As per the level of the student individualised plan is adopted where we take care of the strength and weakness of the students.

Identify the strength and weakness of the student

With our regular assessment we evaluate the problems student encounter with any particular topic and take necessary actions accordingly

Deliver the concept to understand in an easy and relevant way

After researching in the teaching field and with our vast experience we have developed an unique teaching strategy to make clear the concept even of an complicated topic to the students.

Help the student to solve past 10 years question papers to prepare them for the exam

We assist the student to get prepared for the exams and guide them in solving 10 years question papers.

Re-evaluation of skills of the student to develop confidence

We carry a re-evaluation test with every student a month prior to the exam to analyse their level and help the student there after to prepare in the best way.

Additional support and classes before exam

In case the student finds any difficulty with any topic prior to exam, they can reach us and get the assistance immediately.

Examination question suggestion to make the student more efficient at exam

With my experience of teaching over the last 20 years, I provide suggested questions to the students for the exam which reduce the load of studies drastically.

One-on-one and group sessions facility as opted by the students

We provide flexibility to the students to chose one-on-one or group session according to their level of comfort.

24x7 assistance prior 48 hours of exam

We provide 24x7 assistance to the students and attend their queries prior 48 hours of exam.


Courses Categories


SAT Chemistry

IGCSE Chemistry

AP chemistry


GCSE Chemistry

A level Chemistry

IB MYP Chemistry


GCSE Physics

IGCSE Physics

KS3 Physics

IB MYP Physics


GCSE Maths


AP Maths

IBDP Maths (HL & SL)

A level Maths

IB MYP Maths


GCSE Biology

IGCSE Biology

AP Biology

IBDP Biology (HL & SL)

A level Biology

IB MYP Biology

Computer Science

GCSE Computer Science


AP Computer Science


A level



GCSE English

IGCSE English

AP English

IBDP English (HL & SL)

A level English

IB MYP English

Textile (Fashion) Technology

GCSE Textile (Fashion) Technology

IGCSE Textile (Fashion) Technology

AP Textile (Fashion) Technology

IBDP Textile (Fashion) Technology (HL & SL)

A level Textile (Fashion) Technology

IB MYP Textile (Fashion) Technology


Available Syllabuses

GCSE 8462 1CH0 J248
IGCSE 9202 0620 / 0971 4CH1
AS / YEAR 1 7404 9701 GCE 8CH0 IAS WCH1 H032
AS / YEAR 2 7405 9701 GCE 9CH0 IAL WCH1 H432
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My students have received offers from some of the world’s leading universities, including:

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